Letter to Patrons

A letter to my gracious visitors,


To anyone that is stopping by for the first time or just re-visiting, thank you. My website, Lifeonthecurb.com, is a semi- personal journal covering topics in sciences, politics and psychology.

Originally, the intention was to use this blog for personal posts and short articles. I was inspired by a good friend of mine, Damon Jasso, who had started his own blog sometime around 1997. As the years passed, I was struck by how his personal blog had become a journal. And how potentially, he could reference views he held by simply directing people to his website.

I created the first modern version of the site in 2005, based on the PHP web programming language. The key element for that version of the website was dynamically generated content. What this means that, instead of a site written only in HTML, I was able to store and retrieve data as needed from a local database. Each webpage could then be populated from information in that database.

Shortly after 2008, Facebook became very popular. Over time, most of my posts and uploads were directed to that platform. Since then, it has been disclosed that they do not share the same views as their customers in terms of user data, privacy, and censorship. For these reasons I won’t be posting to Facebook as often. I will still use it, just not for posting as much content.

One area that Facebook excels in, is keeping people in touch. Most of the people I know use Facebook exclusively because it’s easy and everyone they know is already in that community. Even so, I hope you all will visit my blogs and galleries, create accounts and comment on my posts.


Social.lifeonthecurb.com – This is my private personal blog and social media site.

Saultography.com – This is a showcase for my photography.

Enakrema.com – During the last decade I’ve been creating stories. This site will host related news.

Each of those sites have links to the previous versions of my sites and galleries. In total there are about 20,000 pictures among them. If you have trouble finding any of the media, send me a message and I will send you direct links.

For everyone that is inclined to stay in touch, please send me your most current email address via private message or email and I will add your email to my mailing list. You can also subscribe to any of the three mailing lists by visiting one of my sites and choosing the subscribe link.