The Spider-Man

Saul Cisneros


One of the major local criminals, is put off by the idea of this Spider-Man. He sets up a trap for the hero.

  • A local criminal of significant carry, turns of the latest broadcast of another mystery case of dark vigilantism. –
  • He is seen flipping through the pages of the phone book. –
  • After dinner the hero exits his girlfriend’s apartment and he walks down the cool dark pavement. The air of recent rain fills his lungs. At that moment he senses the web sprung. –

Minutes later…

  • He enters the air with a dark sense of anticipation. Taking his time he comes in through the narrow slice of light and closes the door behind him. The prey slighting writhing in the web. –
  • He gets closer and at that moment a series of timed foggers go off. Annoyed at first, he falls to the ground. –
  • The prey now clearly in control of the situation, letting out a mocking flurry of insults. Gloating over his cleverness and prediction of a trophy on his wall. –
  • The hero screaming in agony, his hands over his face in a halfhearted stupor. “My eyes, oh my eyes, if it were not that there were so many!” A brief volley of terrible screams were slowly mangled into maniacal cries and became twisted into virulent laughter. –
  • Removing his hands from his eyes, slowly downward. The glint of moonlight working its way down his un-natural face. Turning towards the now, slightly trembling prey. –
  • The criminal in a blank state of recall, attempting to understand what had gone wrong. –
  • A chasm of silence growing between them, the hero slothfully moved forward and whispered, “I am neither insect nor man, but do believe me when I tell you, that WAS quite painful.” –
  • The screams could be heard several blocks down. It would have been cause for alarm but apathy granted him solace. –