The Spider-Man (Scene 2)

Saul Cisneros


The Bank Heist

Establishing shot just outside the bank. Close up of the heistman making their way through the darkness. Pan across the exterior. Something odd can be seen inside. The heistman don’t notice.

Camera wide on the ground looking towards the entrance as the door opens. The dark shadows are broken by a stream of light. Camera mid follows the crew in a single take as they make their way to the safe location.

(the sound of an increasing scratching is heard but ignored)

Camera focuses on the safe handle as the female bank robber grasps the handle. Camera focuses on bank robber 2 as he leans back on the counter.
Camera focuses on bank robber 1 as he steps backward. Camera wide from rogers perspective and pans out slightly to catch a glimmer off one of his eyes. Camera close up on the female bank robbers experession as she does not seem to remove her hands. Camera close up of her hands unables to move.

Female Bank Robber What the?
Bank Robber 1 What’s going on… lose your touch?
Female Bank Robber It’s just, I don’t understand, I can’t move my hands…
Bank Robber 1 I’ll…

Camera close up of bank robber 1 hands. Trying with increasing force to wiggle free.

Bank Robber 1 (CONT’D) Wait, what the? Hey, george, why dont…

Camera wide on bank robber 2. (Bank Robber 2 is pinned up against the web, wide eyed, unable to move, unable to speak. Two of Rogers arms are grasping him firmly.) Camera wide on the female bank robber and bank robber 1.

(The female bank robber is trembling in terror. Bank Robber one is looking for obscenities, and his movements are becoming increasingly frantic.)
Camera wide on bank robber 2.

(blood starts to appear as an oozing stripe on his shirt, while rogers pincers are seen slowly twitching. Bank Robber 2 goes limp.)

Camera mid on The female bank robber as she lets out a scream. Camera on roger as his gaze catches her eye, she starts shaking her head. Camera mid on bank robber 1 as he has worked one hand free and is squirming it through his pocket for his weapon.

(bank robber 1 awkwardly primes the trigger, his hands still sticky, he goes to fire off a shot but as he takes the gun from his pocket his hand gets caught on the fabric.)

Camera close up on the gun as it fires. Camera close up on the wounds as it zooms out we can see the now limp female robber, lurched over the device.
Camera close up from rogers perspective, above bank robber 1.

Bank ROBBER 1 (CONT’D) No no no, no no, no, no….

Camera at rogers perspective as it closes in.