Westworld Analysis

Saul Cisneros

I haven’t been in on the latest series from HBO, “Westworld”, because I assumed that most of the content will be meant to prepare the audience for things to come. A kind of conditioning. Though in certain circles, I’m seen as an outlier, so I’m encouraged to give my opinion. As a preview to what may come, I’ve included some excerpts from a recent chat session, where a friend of mine and I discuss the possibilities. Some parts of the discussion which were not relevant have been excluded.

Flash Thompson:  okay you’re xtra perceptive…is this a scene between God and the Devil?

Saul: I’ll look
Saul: so, he can turn them off when he says things he doesnt want them to hear?
Flash Thompson: its an overly complicated show. about “huminods” and their creator
Saul: you know its my opinion that most modern music are satan mouthing off to God
Flash Thompson: but yes, he has voice commands on the humanoids
Saul: either that or telling us its ok to disobey him ah ok
Flash Thompson: they throw out lines like “you cant play god without being acquainted with the devil”
Saul: i dont want to sound ridiculous but I had a similar idea, to create a world like that or a place, when i was young. but then later I came into the belief that AI does not exist, it cant
Flash Thompson: this show might be stealing that childhood idea
Flash Thompson: theres also theories the show takes place in anartica
Saul: for example this song Questionable Song Lyrics – Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
Saul: the lyrics in my analysis are from the fallen angels talking about when they came down and took wives “and left their first estate”
SaulJude Bible Verse
Saul: yeah , thats what i learned about antartica
Flash Thompson: that does sound fairly accurate
Saul: and from what i studied, the further in you go, it does meet the description
Flash Thompson: fallen angels have zero taste in music btw
Saul: lol
Saul: i dont remember this detail at the moment but I think the last barrier before the “dome” is sand a desert of sorts for hundreds if not thousands of miles
Saul: the people that try to debunk it dont look carefully at the maps that layout the expeditions, like the red bull one and even some international pilots have “turned” and said, wait, thats entirely plausible is that peter weller?
Flash Thompson: ed harris! but they do look similar, from THE TRUMAN SHOW
Flash Thompson: speaking of the truman show

The Truman Show
The Truman Show

Flash Thompson: a scene from the truman show
Saul: I don’t remember the pic on the bottom being in the scene
Saul: Ed Harris is a robot right
Saul: An angry robot, kinda bitter it seems
Saul: He needs to chill out lol
Flash Thompson: oh just the top image
Flash Thompson: LOLOL
Flash Thompson: see that’s the thing. either some or all are robots
Saul: at one time maybe hopkins was human, but at some point AI took over
Flash Thompson: ed harris is suppose to be human
Flash Thompson: the xmen guy at the table is a humanoid
Flash Thompson: bicameral mind stuff too
Saul: well, my analysis of that scene, purported to be between God and the devil, the mans ideology does not fit that of the devil but it does fit the ideaology of illuminati
Flash Thompson: see that’s why i thought you’d be a good fit to analyze the sceen scene
Saul: the belief that the answer to life is mysterious and secret but Anthony Hopkins answer is biblical he says, why dont you ask and that is bibical ideology of God, he speaks plainly to those that seek him
Flash Thompson: hopkins has more biblical type lines “in the beginning…” was one that jumped out different scene though
Saul: it is more like a man, cursing at God, even to kill him
Flash Thompson:

Flash Thompson: Wow
Flash Thompson: you brought up the next scene before i sent it
Saul: the book of Jasher in the apocrpha talks about it, i was looking for the references
Flash Thompson: min 1:08
Saul: from the book of enoch, And now as to the watchers who have sent thee to intercede for them, who had been aforetime in heaven, (say to them): “You have been in heaven, but all the mysteries had not yet been revealed to you, and you knew worthless ones, and these in the hardness of your hearts you have made known to the women, and through these mysteries women and men work much evil on earth.” Say to them therefore: “You have no peace.”‘
Flash Thompson: much evil on earth is right! that scene also includes the line “hell is empty and the devils are here” i think they cut it in that youtube link though
Saul: and in reference to the knife, basically as described in the book of Enoch, Nimrod wanted to kill God, so the tower of Babel was built for that purpose and when they shot arrows from it, god made them come down with blood and nimrod thought he had killed/injured host in heaven and was encouraged but it made their punishment worse
Flash Thompson: whoa “host” in heaven? this show calls the “humanoids” hosts too heavenly hosts wow.
Saul: yeah heavenly hosts
Saul: i havent seen, anyone in the circles I go, look into this show, but the understanding in those circles is the same as mine, that the illuminati write their beliefs and “hidden” knowledge into the media i’d have to watch it closely to see more about anthony hopkins character though
Flash Thompson:

WestWorld Map

Flash Thompson: does that mean anything to you?
Saul: because Satan wants to be God, and in the real world, a lot of people don’t want to hear it but the order of the Papacy fits a description of the anti-christ
Flash Thompson: hopkins and ed harris great acting
Saul: even the colors they where and their decrees
Flash Thompson: EXACTLY
Saul: yeah they are good but ed harris is strong for me, a strong drink lol
Flash Thompson: see they use colors on this show two…black and white.. red and white, red and black
Saul: and all over their architecture are dragons symbolizing satan
Flash Thompson: ahhh snakes do make an appearance on the show as well and anthony hopkins controls the snake with his hand
Flash Thompson:

Saul: the bible describes the apostate church as this… scarlet and purple “The woman (apostate church) was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.”
Saul: its underground? well in the flat earth biblical model, hell is underneath and there are many levels, i dont remember the exact number but it depends on how the levels are classified
Flash Thompson:

Saul: and then there is the deep

Flash Thompson: she wears purple and red
Saul: which is also related to the pit hmm
Flash Thompson: “filthiness of her fornication” she’s a prostitute
Saul: hmm and oh wait, that pic you sent, the left hand part is hell right? or at least one description?
Flash Thompson: yes, the right part is the “delos” corporation building
Saul: that is similar to what i was mentioning
Flash Thompson: delos is a mysterious corporation
Saul: its described in a few books of the apocrypha including enoch
Flash Thompson: man, i think if you did make a video, you’d have some awesome points
And that was the end of our conversation that day. I’ve been working on my first analysis video which I’ll be putting up on Youtube. Unless of course, there are objections 🙂