Scientific Spoiler Hidden in Superman 1978

Wow…thats all I could think. Over the past years while looking for answers about scientific subjects I was introduced to something called “Electrical Cosmology” and “Plasma Cosmology”. At the same time I was studying the life and research of Nikola Tesla. I recommend interested persons to do their own study on these subjects, I don’t have the space or time to elaborate on these at this hour.
In a nutshell it turns out, almost every thing about astronomy I’ve learned since I was a small boy was completely false. Not only that but my reverence for Einstein and his work, that started at an early age as well, has been misguided. The main points of his theory are absolutely unproven. And under careful scrutiny contain serious errors. Not so much in the math (although that has been pointed out), but in the way it was used. Tesla, who most people don’t know was probably the greatest mathematical mind in the last thousand years, pointed out that his equations were complete nonsense. They look impressive but there is nothing behind them. There is a lot more to find if one spends time studying this subject. The important point here is, I’m convinced.
So tonight, while reading the script for Superman (1978), I came across the following:
“..which Einstein called his Theory
of Relativity, mistakenly held to be correct until the year …”