UFO's and Aliens

Over the past few years, i’ve spent some time reviewing numerous cases of UFO reports. This also includes the results of several in depth investigations.  Based on this I’ve come to the following conclusions.
1. The small amount of UFO and contact reports that actually are genuine, do represent some person or organization.
2. Their origin is of a secret organization, demonic activity or both.
3. Current efforts to come to a conclusive answer are going nowhere, due to a lack of problem solving ability.

I’ve found information in this article in Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_solving, under the heading “characteristics of difficult problems” to best represent the problems faced with such investigations.
For example, most investigations confuse terms,  do not separate facts from conjecture and do not pose alternative questions. I have a saying, “If you don’t ask the right question, you won’t get the right answer.” Here are a few questions that I’ve not heard asked.
1. Are UFO’s multiple different unexplained objects, or one?
2. Are “alien” encounters always tied to some sort of UFO?
3. Can we catalog genuine sightings into an easily referenced database? This is required in order to make more advanced observations.
4. Can we draw upon the knowledge of specialists from other diverse fields?
5. What are the flight paths? Where do they originate and where do they “land” (after several decades of “research” this should not be a mystery.)
6. Can we devise a set of tests or experiments that observers could perform that would add to our knowledge about these objects?
7. Can we suggest tests or experiments that observers can perform to rule out common phenomenon?
The major problems at this stage are a lack of critical thinking at all levels, the lack of proper and standardized data, the lack of clear questions to be answered in investigations and the lack of a large dedicated organization with the mandate to identify all UFOs.