PANDEMIC of 2020

CDC Guidance to Healthcare Providers



I had the chance to read similar type articles dated from late February and current. When you read these1, it really puts everything into place as to why the response to the virus has appeared to many people to be, a disaster.

It is clear from watching events unfold over the last few months that these “authorities” such as the CDC do not include anecdotal and other observed information into their crisis planning. What this means in practice is that instead of being able to utilize recent experience with the virus as observed in Italy and China to bolster and reinforce our level or preparedness, these agencies start basically from square one.

This is clearly evident not just from these few articles but the stream of communication to our authorities on how to manage the crisis. There are definitely exceptions in the highest levels of leadership but apparently it has not translated into actionable processes for local providers.

In one example, there are multiple studies and observations that indicate airborne transmission. Because of this, Chinese authorities acted on that knowledge in early February. Their procedures in containment reflected this and by mid month they were studying the transmission carefully via contact tracing. That data showed at least 3 hour airborne viable transmission. Second example. In Italy, as far as I know, no one but the medical community used N95 masks. And now a complete catastrophe in infection is in progress.

I’m concerned that their apparent lack of awareness will now put healthcare providers in grave risk and and the communities they serve.