PANDEMIC of 2020

Pandemic Response Team Dismissal Narrative Proved False



A story has been going around that leads the reader to believe that the President was reckless by dismissing a “Pandemic Response Team”.

The articles and subsequent media pundits desire their audience to conclude that now there was a gap in our infectious disease defense and response and that the President was careless to allow this to happen.

I had not heard of this before until today but tonight I did some research on the alleged event to find the truth of it. In 2018, a security council was restructured. In the midst of this, the media reported that the person filling the position on the council was removed. Also, the language in the media implied but did not directly state, he had a group of skilled and qualified individuals beneath him. They characterize John Bolton, a national security advisor as careless, “dismissing” the team.

It is true that the council position was removed. It is false to indicate there was now a missing piece to responsiveness. It took me all of 30 minutes to learn this. Of course, people don’t take time to find answers anymore, they just “like” click share.

The operations within the council were reorganized. The positions that were directed by the previous council member were merged and changed into new ones. At no point was there a lapse in pandemic awareness or response. The agencies which handled those responsibilities continued to function.

Global Heath Protection and Security

Global Health Security Strategy…/uploads/2019/…/GHSS.pdf

After reading the security strategy and then watching the coronavirus response task force press conference two days ago, you can clearly see how this all fits together.