On Covid Related Closures and Their Effect on Ethics



I have not considered the issue thoroughly yet, but it seems strange that the city would release prisoners but jail those trying to open their businesses.

As far as I can tell the argument for the release of prisoners is, they are not a threat to society. Even at this time, I do not think a specific goal or objective has been stated. Therefore, there is no specific threshold for how many prisoners are to be released other than an arbitrary consideration.

Business owners are jailed for otherwise lawful activity. Judgements by cities and states to create and enforce shelter in place orders are based on conjecture not fact. It has also not been established that the cities and states have authority to do so, regardless of data they may have.

Up until this point, the only authority given to governments is by the people, which have not protested significantly but accept the mandates out of fear. It is good to be concerned and aware of the dangers of this virus. But to submit in this way without a process in place to hold the leaders accountable is in my opinion a very significant danger to our liberties. We must not forget that these are our cities and towns.

I have heard troubling stories about what has been happening in healthcare facilities in other states. Though it may not be widespread, it is clear to me that the “no visitor” policy in hospitals is the perfect breeding ground for unethical practices and behavior.

Based on my experience working in healthcare, finance and sensitive data, I know that the policies and processes which dictate how care is delivered is based on years of experience, along with psychological and sociological considerations. The emergency policies that have been put in place now place those seeking healthcare as risk.

I don’t know how many people are in the habit of contacting their local governments and representatives but I think now is the time, at the very least, to ask questions as to how and when these measures will be lifted and if necessary demand it. We can start by asking for all materials and guidance which they have used to make these decisions.

The most effective way to bring about change is to work directly with our government leaders in concert. I think in many cases, they are acting out of the same fear as we do, not only to protect themselves but others. And they are pressured on all sides to act, one way or the other and many times according to what their political party demands. It is important when speaking to them to do so as neighbors not adversaries. It is always best to start with the belief that they desire the same peace that we do.