The Sabbath



A commandment1Exodus 20:8 KJV. Jesus tells us to keep the commandments2John 14 KJV. On our calendar, it is Saturday. We are to work 6 days and then remember the sabbath, to keep it holy. Jesus tells us, to not just be hearers of His Word but doers3James 1 KJV. Doers are His followers. Exodus outlined how to follow this commandment4Exodus 16 KJV. Jesus lived it and through this showed us how to follow it5Matthew 12 KJV6Hebrews 9 KJV71 Samuel 21 KJV. The Father says to stop what we are doing on the sabbath, the things that give us pleasure and find our pleasure in Him, resting in Him.8Micah 1 KJV9Malachi 1 KJV It is set apart from other days10Ezekiel 22 KJV11Amos 8 KJV. We are to serve The Father in spirit and truth, through our actions. If what we say we believe does not carry over into our actions we are hypocrites.  What we believe and hold true, we act on. There is not a “heart of hearts”. The things in our heart are expressed in our actions which are our fruit. If our actions our lawless then we are lawless. Christ says that the lawless are cast out on the last day.