Revised Website and Email Schedule


There is a common belief that our culture should operate on a 24/7 schedule. We believe that all our desires are valid and should be fulfilled immediately. Many who work for employers, find their lives driven by these demands. There are services that legitimately provide help to those that need it, such as law enforcement, medical organizations and other priority services. Those require a 24/7 presence.

In most cases however, we have accepted demands into our lives without fully understanding the impact to us and our families. Demands derived from the expectations of a 24/7 culture. People were not meant to operate on a 24/7 schedule.

In that thought, I have considered the amount of time and resources I devote to this website and if I need to integrate those things into my recent beliefs. This website and email are only operated and maintained by me. Everything is self-contained and hosted on site. This includes all hardware, software and other items. My time invested in these things must not overwhelm my other responsibilities. I must be able to maintain the website securely and provide an experience that is adequate when compared to similar websites.

To that end, I plan to schedule my website availability in accordance with those beliefs. Starting next week, Monday through Friday, the website and email services will be available. Saturday (Sabbath) they will not be available. Depending on other factors, the website might be offline for Sunday as well.

If something changes, the schedule could be adjusted as needed.

During the offline periods, I will have a temporary page up as a placeholder, with the availability clearly listed. Email will still be delivered but held in a temporary queue until service is resumed.

As always, I thank all my readers for supporting my efforts.


February 5, 2021