The Great Texas Energy Shortage of 2021



The power shortages we’ve been experiencing are the result of unrealistic “green” energy policies. Over the last few decades common sense has been replaced with the hypocritical self-righteousness. Voters and policy makers have been persuaded that the “time to act” is now. Never mind that they have not provided data to indicate their plans are the result of sound reasoning. It is enough for them that, they “care about the environment”, which somehow applies validity to their plans.

Now ERCOT, the Energy Reliability Commission of Texas (ironically named for sure), says that we have unprecedented demand due to “extreme” temperatures. They make sure to highlight that 25 percent of the power available to Texas is through wind generation. Those turbines are frozen and unable to supply power. Governor Abbott, while exhibiting dismay of ERCOT’s appraisal of the situation, said that in addition, about 70 or the over 600 power generating stations are also unable to provide power. The natural gas which supplies them has been frozen in their lines.

Millions of Texas residents that were depending on power for warmth, were let down by the state. Monday night as temperatures plummeted into single digits, ERCOT stated power would not be available and that rolling blackouts would be initiated. Those rolling blackouts turned out to be over 40 hours each for 75 percent of Texas. One single blackout.

Frustrated customers we met with excuses from ERCOT, the governor and local authorities. ERCOT explained the power just wasn’t there. The governor in anger, said he couldn’t understand how they let this happen. Local authorities said it was out of their hands. Unexpected demand was at work, according to ERCOT. However, a closer look reveals a different story.

Over the last decade in times of high electricity utilization, such as heat waves and other winter chills, the magic number of available power has been near 70,000MW. Each time, they indicate, “record” usage. However that record usage presents itself on a near regular timeline.

In tandem, over the last decade, policy makers and ERCOT have been drawing down tried and true energy sources such as coal plants and have been replacing them with windmills and natural gas. This was due at least in part to Obama era Democrat party energy policies, which required a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 34 percent.

The fact is Texas had more power available in the past than it does now. And those power sources, were not subject to low temperature limitations. They were and still are highly reliable sources of energy.

In this crisis, it is apparent that we the conservatives of Texas have dropped the ball. Policies that endanger the people of our state should never come to fruition and it is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen. This should be a wake-up call. It’s very possible that we are just beginning to see the impact of poor decision making and unrealistic green policies.

Concerned citizens should bring these issues up to their representatives and demand progress made on this front.