The Great Vaccine Push of 2021



Do your research before getting any type of treatment, including vaccines. In any case, your decision will stay with you the rest of your life.


Vaccines in our daily life

The idea of a vaccine is that it will provide an immunity to a specific infection. In recent decades, confidence in them has grown to the point where certain ones are required, barring special exemptions, for participation in schools, colleges, workplaces, etc.

The benefit is understood to be that illness from infections which in the past were fatal or could leave you with significant disability, are now removed from our society. Therefore, overall the concept in most peoples minds regarding a vaccine, is that it is a symbol of our command of public health, expanding intelligence and overall wellbeing.

However, throughout this process there have been calls for caution. Doctors take an oath to do no harm to their patients. The treatment must never introduce more harm than the illness being treated and must be a benefit to the patient overall.

Over the years as evidence grew that certain components of vaccines were toxic, those components were removed and similar components placed in. But because our level of understanding is constantly changing, components may be present now which are causing systemic illness and we may not be aware of it.

People of strong conscious, aware that most vaccines have been made possible from a single aborted child refuse to participate in vaccination. It is morally reprehensible to them.

Others still, have confidence that the human body is made to resist infection. Indeed, there is evidence that childhood illnesses, some of them potentially fatal, do provide a significant benefit to those who survive them naturally. Later in life they may be protected against autoimmune diseases.

In any case, the idea of vaccinations as a symbol of progress from the enlightenment age, cause many to look down on those who refuse to participate. Often this manifests as an attitude of superiority. However, despite claims otherwise, this is rooted in hypocrisy.


Enter Covid-19 Vaccine

With the SAR-COV-2 virus which produces Covid-19 illness, social behavior surrounding the push for mass vaccinations is very odd. This behavior is exhibited in many doctors and the public alike. But It goes against common sense to believe a new and experimental drug should be taken immediately by millions of people.

Many doctors have expressed concerns about a vaccination program during a pandemic. According to epidemiologists, distributing a vaccine in a pandemic scenario, can create variants of the virus which can possibly be more deadly and more virulent.

None of the vaccines currently available are approved by the FDA. Also, they technically do not fall under the definition of a vaccine. This is because they do not cause the body to become immune to the target pathogen.

These treatments are thought to cause the body to produce things which are expected to lessen the severity of symptoms. To treat Covid-19 syndrome proactively. Therefore they are all called, Covid-19 vaccines and not SARS-COV-2 vaccines.

To deal with the problematic definition of a vaccine, dictionary publishers have already begun to modify the listing for vaccine to include medications which are only a treatment, not producing immunity. But If we were to classify this medication properly it would fall under gene therapy. At least one of the vaccine makers, Moderna, has classified their medication as such.

The emergency authorization granted to these products has specific requirements, one of them being informed consent. According to law, people that choose to get the vaccine must be clearly informed regarding the risk of taking them.

But routinely they are not informed that the vaccine manufacturer does not have any liability for any negative impact. Even if there is proof that you have become disabled from the vaccine. Your only recourse would be through the government provided VAERS system. Over the last 10 years, only a handful of persons injured from vaccines have been compensated through this system. If you are injured, more than likely, you are on your own.

But there is an aggressive media campaign pushing these vaccines as if they are tried and true drugs just a safe as a bottle of Tylenol or other drug. Not only is that not the case but no long-term studies demonstrate safety. This vaccination could have significant negative long term outcomes but the vaccine provider will not be liable for those outcomes.

Despite this, now the drugs are now being pushed for children. Drugs which could potentially have devastating long term effects.

These are not the actions of a rational body of leadership. It is careless and unconscionable.


Managing Uncertainty

In my opinion, when deciding on a medical treatment we have to rank our options. Their value being related to how well they protect us from risk.

In that case the facts are as follows. The vaccine is not a vaccine. Reliability and safety have not been established. It is not formally approved by the FDA. The earliest third phase trial ends April of 2023.

I am not alone in my concerns about the nature and safety of this vaccine. How it works in the body and its long term affects have been foremost on many doctors minds.  Surprisingly despite this, these concerns are not addressed in any previous or currently planned trials.

It is true that a SARS-COV-2 infection can be deadly and that given the right conditions, it is extremely contagious. But we cannot let fear of a possible infection override reasonable judgement.

Treatment for SARS-COV-2 does exist. I have attached those details to this article.

The media and high profile figures in the community routinely comment that no other effective treatment for Covid-19 exists besides vaccines. The motivation behind this misinformation campaign can possibly be explained by the following. Emergency authorization given by the FDA to the current vaccines require no other treatment of any kind be available. Else the approval would be declined. The rollout of this massive and unprecedented vaccination program depends on no other treatments existing.

In my opinion, the best course of action is proper and reasonable infection precautions, stay in good health, exercise and keep proper nutrition. Keep the SARS-COV-2 treatment guidelines on hand should they be needed to share with healthcare professionals. Don’t panic and stay informed. Examine and judge everything carefully.