Further into the Twilight Zone



How can they get away with this? Is it the censorship? Is it that people don’t care? The FDA approval, which is reported everywhere, is actually nothing of the kind. It doesn’t take much to understand this. Just some questions, and a willingness to get answers.

The short of it is, the new Pfizer drug, Comirnaty, is approved in 6 months, contingent on successfully meeting FDA given requirements at the end of that term. But now, at this moment, the drug Comirnaty literally does not exist. And when it does, it does not have FDA approval until the 6 month period is complete. Until then, it only has Emergency Use Authorization, the same as the current Pfizer Biotech Covid-19 drug.

But the articles are written in such a way that people believe the FDA approved the “vaccine”. So people who may have been waiting for this, now will go and get the experimental vaccine, thinking it is the one which will be approved 6 months from now, contigent on the new Pfizer product meeting the requirements set forth.

At this moment, both the Pfizer Biotech drug and the new “vaccine”,  come with the same disclaimer, the disclaimer makes it clear that the drug does not have any established fitness for purpose of well being and that any statements made to that effect, are “forward looking statements”, which the company hopes will pan out.

It also is clear in their literature, trials are still ongoing, and data regarding long term affects, affects on children, pregnant women and possible sterility in men, are unknown.


The fact of the matter is, these new drugs are only possible under the EUA while no other treatment exists for Covid-19.

But treatments DO exist. But that doesn’t work with the EUA, therefore from a legal standpoint they can’t exist, else, the EUA would be revoked.

Additionally, the claim that Ivermectin is harmful, dangerous and doesn’t work against Covid is an argument used by the FDA as well as drug makers such as Merck. They heavily lean on the fact that Ivermectin is not approved by the FDA for use against Covid-19.

However, the “vaccines”, do not have approval either. Yet, they had no problem issuing the EUA. This contradicts the harm vs benefit decision, considering that Ivermectin, IS approved by the FDA. It’s safety profile (an examination of possible negative effects based on usage data) is well known and established.

The exact opposite is true of any “vaccine” against Covid-19. There is more data that establishes a proper safety profile for Ivermectin. Even with this, the FDA collaboration with drug makers and political institutions are clear and openly stated, ramming through usage of “vaccines” which are not appropriately used, administered or understood.