Coronavirus Vaccines as Gene Therapy



Definitions of gene and gene therapy. Genes are instructions your body uses to make different proteins and amino acids. Gene Therapy is the process of instructing the body to modify or create proteins and amino acids in your body.

Your body receives the instructions to make the virus spike protein component. They do not inject virus proteins into you. Your body gets the instructions to make it. This is the MRNA. Your body then produces foreign proteins of the virus. In this case the spike protein component.

Historically, gene therapy has required continuous maintenance doses. That is why it is called, “therapy”. The name says what it is.

Moderna states in an SEC filing that their EUA injection for treatment against Covid-19 disease, is classified as gene therapy. Furthermore, the medical community in general classifies it as gene therapy. They have expressed excitement over the new vaccines being brought to market as an opportunity to fill the space with this new technology.

An overview of Gene Therapy can be found at The American Society of Cell and Gene Therapy website FAQ page.